September 27, 2010

how to tuesday:: velvet pumpkins

It's finally fall weather here in N. Texas! I think it was actually chilly when I woke up this morning. Cool weather just makes me happy. Happy enough to craft!! Check these velvet gourds.

Start off with a circle of velvet, suede or any other light to medium weight fabric.

Using embroidery thread, do a simple running stitch about 1/2" away from the edge.

Pull the threads together, knot them in place, basically making a yo yo.

Fill it with rice or other similiar grain.

Go find the perfect stem for this little dumpling!

Add a little glue to the end of the stem to secure it in the opening.


craftapple said...

Those are SO cute! It's nice when fall comes to Texas, isn't it? And it happened overnight!

Etsy Fort Worth said...


Etsy Fort Worth said...