August 3, 2010

how to tuesday:: my prince charming.

It's August. Wow! How did that happen? Before you know it, Fall will be upon us. I've been frantically preparing for The Cowtown Indie Bazaar which is 4 weeks away. I've been so busy that I thought I would pull this little project out of my own archives to share. It is getting to be that time of year to start planning your little one's costumes! This is my Prince Charming!

He's supposed to be Dom Pedro the Emperor but this costume can be used in many ways.

I started out with a plain flannel button down.

I used felt and clear plastic gems to make these medals. Embellishing with felt is so much fun! This is the part that the kids and you can get together and just get crafty!

The sash and these fringed shoulder pads really make the costume.

I love that I can sew for my kids! They think I can do anything and I'll take that for as long as I can!


Beth said...

Awww, that's awesome! Things like that are why I want to learn to sew.

Josh said...

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