August 17, 2010

how to tuesday:: cute as a button baby shower.

I recently helped plan a friend's baby shower for her soon to be son. I don't know about you, but many times I find myself planning the party around the cake. In this case... it's a cupcake. I've had these candy molds on my wishlist for atleast a year, so at least it wasn't an impulse buy, so I knew it HAD to be a "cute as a button" theme. Time to get busy and off to peruse Etsy for the perfect cupcake liners. Really this picture does not do it justice. The little chocolate buttons were sooo cute!

Sometimes you can't always find just the right accessories/stationary for your theme. No problem! Create your own! These are nametags that I printed off onto blank labels. This is often what I have to do for some of my more obscure themed parties. I've been known to throw a Spam party or two.

Along with the nametags there was also a guest sign in sheet and custom thank you cards that were so cute but I didn't get a picture!

This was such an easy party to throw together. Layers of blue and brown everywhere. This penant banner could easily be made in any color. It was a fun time and I'm sure that little boy is going to be cute as a button!!

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Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

What a cute theme! I am always surprised by the stuff you come up with. I bet your friend was thrilled!