July 5, 2010

how to tuesday:: revamping a mobile.

This is a mobile.
It's fine but is it for me? Nope. What I do like about it is that you find them everywhere for cheap! Which means guilt free experimenting!!

With a little good old fashioned elbow grease you can redo it to fit any theme that suits you. Stars, butterflies, hearts. Of course, I prefer birds. I used the little bird pattern from this book.

I cut a length of kitchen twine the same length as the old strings. Before stuffing the constructed birds, insert the string through the seam from the inside. Tie a knot to keep it from going all the way through. If it is too loose, stitch the seam again, with the string in place.

Stuff the birds and make sure they are all equal in weight before handstitching closed. Thread the strings through the mobile hanger and tightly secure the ends in a knot.
I know a special little chick who is enjoying this fun mobile!


Sincerely Serenity said...

Great job! I love this. My kids are past this stage, but if I end up with another at some point I may need to find someone who can sew.

Shannon said...

That's such a great idea! Simple and one of those "why didn't I think of that?" ones! I will be trying this out for sure...now I have an excuse for some thrifting today ;)

Danica said...

You have done it again!

Honeydew Moon said...

Great idea :)

Julie {Coco1981} said...

Great idea! Now I need to go make one for my little guy!