July 20, 2010

how to tuesday:: graphic tees with kids.

I had so much fun helping my little ladies make themselves a cute graphic tee.

This silk screening kit from Tulip made it so easy.

We picked out a couple of solid tanks that the girls already had. It's best to wash it and dry without fabric softener so the paint will absorb and adhere better. We used cereal boxes stuffed inside the shirts to keep the paint from seeping through.

The stencil has an adhesive backing which helps to keep it in place.

I let the girls go at it. So easy!

The girls had fun using the little sqeegee.


Ta daaa!

I joined in the fun with some fabric of my own. I found that something with a tight weave worked best. When I tried to print on linen it bled. I can't wait to use it!


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

very cool! I want to try this out sometime myself.

Sincerely Serenity said...

I love it! Maybe we will give this a try next week. I am sure Preston would really enjoy it.