May 18, 2010

how to tuesday:: the science of craft show displays.

Spring shows are winding down and it's time to pack up all of my display props. Fortunately, most of these things fit somewhere in the decor of my house.

It boggles my mind to think of all the thought and time that has gone into this display. There really is a science to craft show displays. So much psychology and analyzing of the "craft shopper" to decipher. But luckily I have field experience in that area! Now display is not everything. When you have a very unique product you could pull it out of a plastic bag and sell it. These days there is so much competition and you have to go the extra mile to set yourself apart.

Do you ever wonder what draws a customer in? Or scares them away? I think the width of your booth makes a big difference. Too narrow and some people find it intimidating. If you walk into a narrow space it almost feels like a commitment. Awkward or hard to get to? Most people won't bother.
And then there's the problem of how much stuff to display? Too little and people won't stop because they see it all with a glance as they scurry by. Too much and it could look like an unorganized mess. You want to give them a chance to browse and be able to spend a few minutes looking and thinking.

I love it when people are constantly being surprised by new things. It takes them a while to notice that my table is a door or that I use a globe for a bowl. Then they really start to look around. I try to fill my display with creatively unique objects that will surprise, inspire and get them excited to shop from me.

Now I don't expect, or even want to see, a bunch of booths that emulate mine. I am just saying that you should use your display to give shoppers one extra glimpse into your world. It's a very important tool that can leave a lasting impression of who you are as a designer. Keep it true to yourself. Trying to copy something else will show and lose its authenticity. Get creative and I bet you'll never look at ordinary household objects again!
Disclaimer:: I am not a professional or expert! I am simply sharing my thoughts and experience.

For all of you Etsy Fort Worth members:: the Indiepreneur Workshop is this Saturday!!


J & Sarah said...

You do have such a lovely booth!

(sarah aka OY)

VERA said...

Very tastefully arranged. I want to be polished too!!!

Melinda said...

Love it! Just the kind of booth I would spend time in. Like you said not cluttered, but arranged in a way that welcomes the shopper! Great job.

MissMalaprop said...

Your props look amazing! I love the door as table and globe tray. I have to wonder though, for transporting all of that to and from craft shows, is it a huge hassle? Obviously a door doesn't fold down the way most tables do... do you use a truck or van to get to craft shows and back?

reveldesignsdiary said...

I strap it to the roof of my mini SUV. It will also fit in the back of a minivan with the seats down. I would definitely invest in a cart with wheels. After you do it a few times, things just fall into place!