April 13, 2010

how to tuesday:: traveling aromatherapy dog bed.

DSCN6404 copy

Well… no, it wasn’t built for travel, but it is made from an old suitcase. It takes a special kind of suitcase for this project, unless you can unhinge a regular suitcase. This one has a side zippered closure and the side was flimsy and easily cut off. I got the idea from the magazine, ReadyMade.


I relined the inside. Basically, I measured and cut heavy stabilizer to fit the bottom and sides. Then fused fabric to it, quilting it for a nice handmade touch…so it didn’t look like it was just hot glued in... which it was.


I made the cushion cover out of cozy chenille and totally removable for washing. This is the back of the cushion. I love the binding that I added to the edges. The cushion itself is filled with polyfil. For an added bonus I put about 5 cups of a dried lavender and balsam mix. Those two scents together are so yummy! Rosemary, dried of course, would also work for dogs.

DSCN6395 copy

Tada!! Insert cute wienie dog here. Get out there and go thrifting for some vintage luggage!!


VERA said...

Sooo cute.

Robot Pop said...

I'm so making a bed like that when my family is ready to have a pet. Cindy, you are so talented!

Handmade Hooligans said...

I love this! I wish they made suitcases big enough for my pups.