February 16, 2010

how to tuesday:: revamping old art

Start with a great garage sale find that will never see the light of day as it is. Time to put my spin on it. The frame needs to be removable. Both canvas and printed masonite, or something similiar, will work for this project.
Make a patchwork fabric piece to cover the surface of the artwork with at least a 1 1/2" border all the way around. You can topstitch for added texture and interest. Press it with steam and a hot iron to get it crisp with no wrinkles.

Add text by using printable iron-on paper for light fabrics. You can also do images or logos. Iron it on your patchwork using the manufacturer's instructions.

Cover the surface of the original art with decoupage medium using a foam brush.

Place the patchwork on top, smoothing out any air pockets. Press it firmly to the surface of the original art.

If you are covering framed canvas, use a staple gun to adhere the patchwork to the frame. Pull the fabric tightly to the back and neatly staple. Starting at the corners can be easier. Mine is masonite. I pulled the fabric tightly and adhered it to the back with duct tape. I like the beige because it gives a cleaner look compared to the silver.

Using the decoupage medium and foam brush, cover the entire surface of your patchwork in an even coat.

It will seem scarily cloudy but will dry clear.
Spraypaint the existing frame with a glossy finish. Looks brand new! What a difference!

The dried decoupage medium provides a paintable surface on your patchwork. Try an antique glaze or paint any design that goes with your decor. Make it personal!

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Danica said...

Awesome! I Love It! Pretty Much Everything I Paint is over a discarded piece. I call it rebirth- Thank you for sharing! I totally dig your tutorials!!!!