January 12, 2010

how to tuesday:: easy ephemera

Here it is. Yet another feeble attempt at shameless marketing. It's a tough game to try to stand out among the countless literature, business cards and coupons that are passed out at craft shows; most of which will never see daylight again. Last time I did notepads, this time I'm trying something a little hotter. Matchless matchbooks! Instead of being filled with little matches, it's filled with juicy little tidbits and an awesome coupon!

You'll need these handy tools. A stapler, bone folder and scissors.

I used black, white and grayscale to save on $$$ when printing but I think it looks just as smokin'. I created mine using Adobe Illustrator but you can use these blank slates to stamp or handwrite any message you want. Just be sure to print the matchbook on paper with some weight, like cardstock.

This is the filling of my matchbooks. Print yours off on regular printer paper and carefully cut them out.

Now we're ready to assemble!

Using your bone folder, crease at the fold lines. The bone folder will help give it the crisp folded edges it needs for that professional look.

The fold lines on the matchbook template are clearly marked.

After folding, tuck the filling papers neatly in and staple.

Get creative and fill them with blank pages for a mini notepad or an inventive party invitation. It would also be fun to print the template onto scrapbook paper. Have fun with it and let me know what you come up with!


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

What an inventive idea! I must try this sometime.

whyte said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing, I can think of several ways to use such a great idea!!

Casey said...


Margaret said...

These are so cool, I am going to try making some this week-end!

Danica said...

So Clever! I am making some too! Great How To!! Thanks Revel

Beth said...

Very cute! I love this idea!