December 4, 2009

Season of Sharing

Last night Etsy Fort Worth met together at the Barnes and Noble cafe, under the beautiful Bass Hall Angels.

(Bass Hall from the parking garage, the building outlined in white lights is B&N-photo taken before the meeting)

Fort Worth was decorated beautifully for the Winter holidays, and it really added to the sense of sharing the joy and wonder of the season. In that realm of sharing, here's a few little tips for Etsy sellers just coming to visit our blog.

Have you been to yet? At Craftopolis, you can view the treasury clock, see what gift guides your store may have been added to, view just who loves your shop and on what day they loved it, and best of all, surf the Etsy Treasure Hunt! Sometimes, when your product is picked for a treasury, you might not know unless the person picking convos you to tell you. With Etsy Treasure Hunt on you can see a list of all the treasuries you are currently featured in!

Once you're done there, don't forget to go check out to see a different version of the "Who loves me" vibe. With the Craftcult Heart-o-matic, you can see a list of who loves your shop, who hearts your items, and more!

Tis the season to share and shop!

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