October 19, 2009

October Giveaway!

Yes, you read it correctly, we're having a giveaway! Starting in October, we will have a monthly blog giveaway to boost awareness and involvement for Etsy Fort Worth.

This month's giveaway is provided by myself, Jennifer Williams of Blueskysunburn Creations. While I am currently prepping artwork for the holidays I could not pass on the chance to offer up this fantastic book!

The book is Celebrate Your Creative Self by Mary Todd Beam.

"...experiment hands-on with dozens of techniques and mediums in new and unconventional ways...artists are prompted to challenge their imaginations by building new painting surfaces, creating their own personal symbols and more."

To enter, simply input your name and url in the widget below by Friday, October 30th at 7pm CST.

Want a second chance to win? Create a post on your blog and mention our giveaway! Then leave a comment here to let us know.

Want a third chance to win? Put our button (above) in the side bar of your blog. Be sure to leave a comment here to let us know.

There you have it ladies and gents! Up to three entries per person each as easy as pie. Plus, in addition to entering a great giveaway you are helping to spread word about Etsy Fort Worth!

If you are interested in donating for future giveaways please contact me at jwilliams@blueskysunburn.com for more details.

Posted by: Jennifer Williams of Blueskysunburn Creations


ArtAfterDark said...

I just entered the giveaway. I already have a button on my blog for Etsy Fort Worth, but will plug the contest on my blog today! Thanks, Janette

Sketch Customs said...

We re-blogged and of course the Etsy Fort Worth button is on our page!

Danica said...

Re- Blogging the contest!
Button attached!

Christi said...

reposted on my facebook.

amanda_k_scott said...

Posted a link on my facebook page. Thanks!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Proudly displaying Etsy Fort Worth on my sidebar!

Mizz Snape said...

Just entered the giveaway :)

Molly Smith said...

I just posted on my Blog and there is already a button/logo on the sidebar.

Please leave me out of the drawing. I already own this amazing book. What a generous giveaway, Jennifer. I remember this being one of the most expensive books I've ever bought!

Good luck everyone! ~ Molly

goatgoddess said...

Got my book and LOVE it - thanks so much!

goatgoddess said...

Got my book and LOVE it - thanks so much!