April 21, 2009

Member Spotlight: My Flat In Paris Couture

Janie, the brains behind "My Flat in Paris Couture" or MFIPC for short, creates a variety of items such as ceramic tile coasters, digital artwork, jewelry, bath and body products, apparel, pillows and hair wear, which she sells in her Etsy shop. She has the distiction of being one of our more famous members due to being featured in a CNN Money article on small business startups. Janie also has an online boutique named "Posh and Prim" and her work has been featured in magazines such as Bust, Venus, Shut Up and Craft, as well as America Online's Stylelist.

Janie started her business back in 1998 when her husband was discharged from the Navy due to a disability that resulted from the Desert Storm War. With VA disability not paying enough, Janie started making jewelry and selling it in local salons and boutique's througout Modesto, California where she lived at the time. Janie opened her Etsy shop in October of 2007.

When asked about her products she says, "I make most of my jewelry from resin, glass pearls, real candy and my ceramic tiles are made from basic tiles found in hardware stores. The apparel and pillows that I make come from my own pattern design. All of my bath and body items are made from pure organic ingredients."

Janie says that her little home studio is pretty horiffic but it's real.

I asked Janie to tell us a little more about herself. She says, "I've been married for 10 years and have 4 children. My 8 year old son is Autistic so a lot of the profit that I make from my Etsy sales go toward Austism Research. I am also a CFO full time for 2 companies based in Dallas, Texas.

Besides her Etsy shop and online boutique, Janie's items can be found in certain Macy's stores, Trendy Shoppes, and Flourish Boutique.

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